As Long As Black is Associated As ‘Less American,’ Black History Month Needed

Written by on 1 February 2017

Come every February 1, there’s arguing, discussing, protesting, analyzing and reflecting on whether having a Black History Month is still significant. However, there’s not the same push back against Hispanic Heritage Month or American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month or Irish-American Heritage Month. Why is that? While some may argue that black history is American history and therefore shouldn’t be separated out because it’s actually doing us an injustice, others argue it’s unfair and racist just like how there are HBCU schools, BET and magazines like “Essence.”

The latter argument is bull because if black history, culture and black folks, period, were so included in the greater American sphere and seen as “real Americans” and “real patriots” instead of somehow “less American,” there wouldn’t be such a need to label us as African-Americans instead of just Americans. There wouldn’t be a need to galvanize on our own media and platforms if we were positively, broadly and equally represented in the greater American society as productive American citizens like white Americans are where they’re not referred to as “European Americans” or “Caucasian Americans,” but simply just Americans.

As long as white is synonymous with American and black is synonymous as less than American, Black History Month must be steadfast, strong and unapologetically black.

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