You Used to be the Man, Homie, What Happened to You? 50 Cent Broke: Care or Not?

Written by on 16 July 2015

By now, it’s been reported and confirmed that rapper/actor 50 Cent is broke and had to file for bankruptcy. After the millions of albums sold, roles in several major movies, endorsements, including a reported $100 million and just being one of the biggest stars since the 2000’s, you would expect 50 to have a few coins left in the bank. In fact, Forbes once put his worth at $155 million. But now, it seems as though his luck has run out. A judge ordered him to pay $5 million to a sex tape he released of a woman without her permission.

After years of enduring 50, along with other high-profile celebrities bragging about their wealth and even rubbing it in the face of mere mortals, it’s no wonder that many people have shown little sympathy for the rapper. Some people seem to be mocking the rapper while others seem downright happy that his fortunes have diminished.

“50 Cent is centless,” “50 Cent doesn’t have 10 dimes to his name,” and “Newly named 20 cent,” are just a few of the jokes being floated around social media.

How do you feel when big-time celebrities go broke? Do they deserve sympathy and support? Do you feel as if they had so much, they shouldn’t be in this position? Should they be mocked?



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