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ImaniPorter (WizUnc)


According to triblive.com Wiz Khalifa’s Uncle’s murderer, Jaron Young 17, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will be tried as an adult on charges of homicide, robbery and conspiracy. Imani Porter (Wiz Khalifa’s Uncle) was reportedly shot and killed in his car at Waterfront shopping center in Pittsburgh on Wednesday according to WTAE, an ABC affiliate in Pittsburgh, P.A. Police say that Porter and two men arranged to meet Young and his friend to sell them heroin. One of the men pulled a gun on one of Porter’s friends and Young put a gun to Porter’s head. Porter said “go ahead bro, take it”, Porter’s friend heard one gunshot and that was Young shooting Porter in the head (triblive.com) Young and the other man fled away in a white Pontiac. Young’s mother Ronnica Sanders made her son turn himself in to police for the murder of Porter. “It was the right thing to do. I didn’t raise my kid to be in the street. I didn’t. I raised him to be a respectable young man in the community.” Young says she does not think that her son went to the Steak and Shake to buy heroin. “You have to have money to buy heroin. He didn’t have no money,” she said.

Mom forces teen to surrender in fatal shooting at Waterfront

“My uncle was younger and more level headed than all of us,” Khalifa tweeted. “I would have never seen this happening in a million years.”

Porter’s death is Allegheny County’s first homicide of 2014. There were 91 homicides in the county in 2013, 45 outside Pittsburgh.



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