Where’s the Humanity When an Innocent 13-year-old is Made to Pay for the Sins of Adults?

Written by on 3 July 2017

The circle of low lives involved in the disappearance and ultimately, tragic death of Shavon Randle, continues to expand. For reasons that didn’t involve her, 13-year-old Shavon Randle was kidnapped and murdered, left discarded in an abandoned home with the body of a young male. Thanks to the public speaking up, FBI and law enforcement know-how and a lot of love and prayers, Shavon was discovered in a way we are all praying that she wouldn’t.

At the intersection of drugs and weapons, Shavon was in the crosshairs for something completely out of her control in a plot straight out of a horror movie. She was used to pay for the sins of adults. She was made to be collateral damage in a dangerous game of retribution. She was made to pay with her life when her life was only beginning.

Now her family, friends and community are left mourning one more victim, and unfortunately, not the last, in out-of-control drug warfare where every man, woman and child is left to fend for him or herself.  An unstoppable, vicious war that swallows up innocence and spits it out with no remorse. No amount of laws, rules and regulations mean a thing if people don’t have enough humanity to spare the life of a young child. Rest in peace, Shavon, your life and tragic story will always be embedded in our collective memory.

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