Uh-Oh! Is Beyonce Running a Sweatshop?

Written by on 16 May 2016

Recent reports are suggesting that Beyonce’s latest athletic line, Ivy Gear, is being manufactured in a sweatshop in Sri Lanka. The reports are saying that young women are from impoverished villages and are making the clothes for around $6 day. While Beyonce probably more than likely hasn’t been very hands-on for the hiring and conditions of the factory, it’s never good to have your name connected with a sweatshop.

It goes without saying that Ivy Park reps have come out and vehemently denied these allegations, but the story is quickly picking up steam. For a woman who is all about girl power and empowerment, this is the last thing that the global superstar should stand for. Hopefully, if there’s any proof to these allegations, Beyonce and her team will rectify the situation immediately.

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