#TuesdayTalkingPoint — How Do You Feel About States Decriminalizing HIV/AIDS?

Written by on 23 July 2019

HIV/AIDS patients have long been ostracized and demonized because of a disease that 30+ years on is still seen as a moral indictment. Now states are starting to catch on and looking to decriminalize the disease due to the advent of new meds that can decrease patients’ viral loads to the point where the chance of spreading the disease is almost negligible. Specifically, these states would no longer make it criminal if a person who knowingly has HIV/AIDS and sleeps with a person without declaring their status beforehand if the person is on suppression medication. The exception would be if a person intentionally tries to infect someone.

How do you feel about decriminalizing HIV/AIDS? Will it make patients feel less ostracized? Will it lessen vulnerable people’s chances of getting prosecuted and jailed? Or is it an unnecessary risk for people with a negative status? Will it encourage risky behavior? #TellUsHowYouRellyFeel

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