Time’s Up for R. Kelly?

Written by on 1 May 2018

Time’s Up has their eyes squarely on the Pied Piper of R&B. The movement is coming after the troubled and controversial R&B star after years of basically unchecked behavior by Kelly, which has included everything from dating to marrying underage singer Aaliyah to producing and appearing in the infamous child pornography tapes to a sex cult that involves coercion, physical abuse and transmitting an STD. Throughout the years, many have been wondering, “When is Kelly going to face real repercussions for this behavior of abuse?” One of the main reasons besides his celebrity, status, power, and money is the fact that all his victims tend to be young black women. However, his abuse has reached a new set of eyes since Time’s Up has taken notice.

Women of color involved with Time’s Up have called foul on Kelly and have come out swinging hard and feels that it is time for him to face the music a la Bill Cosby. In an open letter, the group has asked for venues, corporations and others who contribute to his livelihood to immediately cut ties with him to combat his reprehensible behavior. They want his victims to know that they are alone and even though they may have been marginalized there are people in their corner who care and want them to receive the same justice that their non-white counterparts would likely receive. Is Time Up for R. Kelly or will nothing come to fruition?

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