The Problem Isn’t Kap & J. Cole Teaming Up, but the Hypocrisy of the NFL

Written by on 8 August 2017

The main problem with the Colin Kaepernick story is it goes against the grain of everything that is supposed to be right, fair and just in this country. When you have the beleaguered NFL, who is hell-bent on revamping its image after year after year of scandals involving players accused and convicted of any and everything from murder, sexual assault, drug charges, weapons charges, DUI, domestic violence, child abuse, cheating and so on, to players who have consistently displayed poor decision-making, you have a league that is desperate to show the world they are trying to make inroads. So, what do they do? They dole out these punishments arbitrarily to send a message, such as how Ezekiel Elliot is being threatened with suspension on unsubstantiated claims from years ago while Ben Roethlisberger had numerous accusations of sexual assault with little consequence.

Yet, when a player who hasn’t been convicted of anything except standing up for civil rights, he’s vilified, deemed un-American and un-patriotic, and essentially blackballed for of all things, taking a stand against unarmed black people being murdered by police officers across the country. What does this say about a league who sees this as divisive but was okay with Riley Cooper on video saying the n-word repeatedly and threatening to fight “every nigger in here,” and who happened to remain an Eagle afterwards?

Now, some news outlets have the audacity to tie Kap’s latest snub by the Miami Dolphins not only on a Fidel Castro shirt, but also by being seen with rapper J. Cole. Yeah, J. Cole is the problem. Yeah, the problem is two young black men coming together to take a stand against an unjust justice system. How dare they stand for justice?

The real problem is the NFL and the hypocrisy of claiming they want their players to be role models and to set good examples for kids, yet ostracizing one for having principles and standing by them no matter what is his thrown his way. It seems like the commissioner on down to the owners have the real problem. And, for whatever fans they claim are alienated by Kaepernick’s actions, it’s nothing in comparison to the alienation that minorities feel in America daily thanks to racism, discrimination and double standards, which is exactly what the NFL is exemplifying.


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