The Debate’s Still Going: Is Rap Too Violent?

Written by on 28 May 2016

The latest violent incident concerning rap involved a TI concert in New York where rapper Troy Ave is accused of taking part in a shooting. One person died and several more were injured. This is nothing new in the rap world where explosive and inflammatory lyrics have often been cited for violence. And now in 2016, the debate is still raging: is rap too violent?

Whether it’s talk of taking down an enemy, pulling a drive-by, attacking cops, etc., rap music has been no-holds-barred since its inception. Through the years, there’s been more than a few incidents where there have been shootings at concerts, performances, in studios, on the streets and in residential areas where rappers were involved or rap music was somehow linked.

After the TI concert shooting, the NYPD went back to the gold standard of blaming rappers and their lyrics for violence and basically dismissing the genre as too violent. Is that really the case? Many rappers have acknowledged that they’re simply telling stories of their surroundings and own experiences. They were born into the violence and poverty and they’re just giving their take. Is it that naturally violent people tend to gravitate towards rap because it gives them an outlet or excuse to act on their propensities? Or is it the case that rap is just too damn violent and shootings are par for the course?

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