The Dangerous Attack on Freedom of Speech on Peaceful Protest

Written by on 10 October 2017

What happens to a society when one day the government decides what its citizens can and can’t say? What about if this government decides how “the people” can speak up and speak out against injustices and unfairness? What if it just involves one entity or one group and where it doesn’t seem to make a big difference in the lives of everyday citizens? What if it slowly but surely has rippling effects, though? What if one day, government oppression and censorship seeps into deciding the music you can listen to, the media you can consume and how the gatekeepers present this info to you? What if it becomes more blatant and serious? What if it then affects how you raise your children? What if it affects your health choices and what you can and can’t do with your own body? What if it decides who you and how you can worship? What if it affects what you can say on the job and you can face punishment for saying the wrong thing?

While these may seem like a list of hypotheticals and inferences, the current environment we are in is setting the free-loving America up for a different complexion where the rights of freedom of speech and the ability to peacefully protest are slowly but surely being eroded. This is a dangerous precedent that every citizen should be concerned about – if it can affect one of us, it can affect all of us. We’ve seen this too many times in history where one group was abjectly affected by discriminatory laws and a domineering administration while other groups turned a blind eye, but that containment spread to others and the whole society became controlled by a government hellbent on a diabolical agenda. While Trump’s feud with the NFL may seem silly and inane, it’s dangerous and could set us on a course of which the likes we never thought could happen in “the greatest democracy on Earth.”

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