Put the Popcorn Down: Trump Didn’t Deliver the Hijinks but Pulled the Okey-Doke

Written by on 1 March 2017

A noticeably different Donald Trump took to the podium last night. Gone were the zings, insults and off-the-cuff remarks that many have grown to either love or hate about him. What we witnessed last night at his first congressional address in front of both chambers was something we hadn’t seen enough of yet — a more presidential version of Trump. This was a Trump who wasn’t full of bravado and who seemed more muted, dare we say, a bit gentler.

He even touched on a more traditional Republican-themed outline such as increased defense spending, welfare reform, a stricter criminal justice system, deregulations and more. But of course, the okey-doke was soon to appear when he announced the VOICE office, which is designed for crime victims of illegal immigrants. Why this one category of victims should be singled out goes right along into his months’-long diatribe about the evils of immigration and further stoked the fears many continue to have about this president.

Did we witness a new, more presidential Trump? Or is it the same ol’ Trump in a new package?

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