Papa John Compared Self to Colonel Sanders, Got Axed for Using N-Word

Written by on 13 July 2018

Oh, Papa John, you’re out as chairman of the board of your own pizza company because you wanted to hearken back to a gentler time, a more simple time, a more racist time. But, fortunately for the rest of us, Papa John learned like many others in his position — you can and will get held accountable for your reckless behavior. In short, Papa got axed over his use of the n-word during a conference call. Public perception has been pretty low of the pizza king since his involvement in disparaging NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem, supporting Trump and slamming Mr. Obama for years. The football league and the Papa had already separated ways. But, now even the MLB has cut off ties with the pitiful pizza peon for saying “niggers” on the phone during a conference call, which is probably not a good idea in 2018.
During a conference call about how the company could actually avoid negative press (haha), Papa decided to add gasoline to the fire by saying, “Colonel Sanders called Blacks niggers.”  Hey, he was probably thinking if the beloved Colonel Sanders, the big daddy of chicken, could get away with it, why couldn’t he? Probably because we’re in two completely different eras and you should know better and racism should stay cloaked under your hooded robe. And, once again, we’re left with a shattered white male who probably doesn’t quite understand the magnitude of what he did because he’s so clueless on the plight of the downtrodden and the torrid history of this country. However, he’s offered his obligatory apology, and might indulge us in he’s going through personal things (maybe he was high?), he’ll do better, he’ll be more sensitive, as a way to assuage the anger and outrage folks are feeling. Maybe Papa should take from his slogan and use Less Racism. Better Ingredients. Better Judgment.

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