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Kendrick Lamar has landed the cover of GQ magazine. Not only is he on the cover, he has been named GQ’s rapper of the year. GQ met with Kendrick for a interview that covered a wide variety of subjects, including the effects of his “Control” verse on Kendrick’s relationship with Drake. Here’s the scoop: The […]

Mariah Carey has been talking about her “Art of Letting Go” project, and now she has finally released the track of the same name via Facebook. Check out the track below. Are you feeling it? Once again, is providing you with latest in news, entertainment, and celebrity gossip. Remember, you read it first here.

Spike Lee is being sued for dealing with the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case in his own emotional way. The movie director tweeted an address, believing it to be George Zimmerman, after the murder was made public. However, the address was actually that of an elderly couple, David and Elaine McClain. The couple claim that they […]

Miley Cyrus is a train wreck. MTV has just broadcasted their European video music awards, and Miley was one of the performers. Miley performed twice Sunday night during the show. However, what has people in shock is the fact that the singer pulled out a marijuana joint, lit it, and enjoyed a puff or two […]

Obamacare or the “Affordable Care Act” is an attractive health care solution for the middle class American citizen. It implies that everyone regardless of their income bracket will be able to afford health insurance. For months rumors have been circling regarding the RFID chips that will be MANDATORY as a condition of accepting Obamacare and […]

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6 November 2013

DMX is trying to break a world record, he has to be. The rapper was just arrested again today, in Spartanburg, South Carolina, stemming from three charges: suspended license, driving while uninsured, and driving an unlicensed vehicle. Here’s the scoop: A rep for the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport says officers noticed DMX as soon as he […]

Comedian and actor, Brandon T. Jackson, has come forth to say that he was a victim of racism while flying US Airways. Brandon claims that during his flight, a flight attendant called him the n-word, which prompted Brandon to give him the middle finger. From there Brandon got escorted off the flight and was questioned […]

As with Steebie, Peter Gunz, is catching a lot of slack for his male whore ways on Love & Hip Hop: New York. Instead of owning up to them, like his idol Steebie, he has instead chose the punk route: to deny, deny, deny…. sort of. Gunz claims that he knew what he was doing […]

Know best for his role in the blockbuster show “The Wire, Tristan “Mack” Wilds decided to embark on a new career. His new hit “Own It” is another addition to the pool of great R&B music…Check out his new video!

Well, here’s something we didn’t expect. Marcus Paulk, best known for his role on Moesha as brandy’s little brother, has just been charged with domestic violence. Allegedly the actor beat his girlfriend down and sent her to the hospital! Here’s the scoop: TMZ is reporting that Marcus T. Paulk has been charged with domestic violence […]

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