Omarosa is Trump’s Angry, Black ‘Pitbull in a Skirt’

Written by on 16 February 2017

For anybody who has seen Omarosa in action on “The Celebrity Apprentice” or elsewhere, it’s not surprising that she can be intimidating, imposing or downright scary. In Trump’s America and White House, it’s especially not surprising that these traits are valued and rewarded with a cushy position.

Recent reports say that Omarosa physically and verbally intimidated a black veteran White House reporter who by all accounts was just trying to do her job. The reporter, April Ryan, said that Omarosa questioned her as being a possible “paid Clinton surrogate” and then jumped up on her like she was going to hit her.

Even more disturbing than this ugly scene is the fact that Ryan is saying that Trump’s White House is keeping dossiers on black reporters and anyone perceived as their enemies. This is adding further to the chilling effect that this administration is trying to have on not only the press but freedom of speech in general. All of this labeling of “fake news” on any story that doesn’t glorify Trump is a dangerous precedent and is just as dangerous as any other part of this terrifying presidency.

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