No Cappin’: Kap vs. The Carters

Written by on 3 February 2020

It’s common knowledge by now that Colin Kaepernick isn’t afraid to speak his  mind whether the situation calls for it not. In his usual no-chill mode, Kap came for Jay-Z after video surfaced of Jay, Bey and Blue Ivy sitting during the National Anthem. The former QB-turned-crusader quipped, “I thought we were ‘past kneeling’ tho” in reference to Jay’s remarks a while back in reference to Kap’s now infamous kneeling during the anthem in protest of cops senselessly killing black folks.
Let’s break this on down. Kap took it as a personal affront when Jay made his remarks, which he seems to believe diminished his movement. But, you can think of it another way. Jay could’ve been saying that yes, kneeling got the movement started and sparked a national conversation but like any other movement, there has to be other actions. The Civil Rights Movement wasn’t one-dimensional but incorporated a number of strategies to achieve success.
Additionally, some saw Kap’s remarks as petty and pointless since Jay’s remarks were a while back and didn’t see a need for him to bring them back up. Both he and his gf put up the same post, which doubled the petty factor. Then, you have those who think the Carters were classless and out of place for sitting through Demi Lovato’s rendition and should’ve made an effort to stand in the first place. Some even called it hypocritical since Hova has some kind of deal with the NFL involving civil rights and inclusion and the sort.
Who you got: Kap or the Carters? Who’s right? Who’s wrong? #TellUsHowYouReallyFeel

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