Is the Iowa Caucus a Predictor of Another Disastrous Election for Dems?

Written by on 5 February 2020

What does the disastrous Iowa caucus debacle say about the Democratic Party and the 2020 general election? If anything, it shows a party that wasn’t prepared, wasn’t led properly and one that managed to beat itself by trying to be too clever. Officials promised and promised that the process would run smoothly, but it was anything such. It took about a whole 24 hours later, effusive apologizing and a press conference before we got the results we were so anxiously waiting for.

Since many have predicted that winner is more than likely to be the 2020 Democratic candidate, it’s pretty important for the voting public to know as soon as possible. Fingers have been pointed. Trump’s camp yelled accusations of rigging. Promises were broken. When things like this happen, it undermine people’s confidence in the voting process, and after the 2016 election, you would think the Democrats of all people would’ve learned their lesson. Here’s for another exciting and volatile election year!

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