Is Domestic Violence Too Easily Forgiven in Our Society? #TellUsHowYouReallyFeel

Written by on 5 July 2018

With the recent report of Fabolous avoiding jail time for his domestic violence assault against his girlfriend/baby mama, it brings to mind the hordes of men, both famous and otherwise, who seem to get too light of a sentence when it comes to domestic violence. Regardless of the situation, there seems to be a tendency to place the onus on the woman for causing the violence and regard the man as the victim as opposed to the woman who is the true victim. Family, friends and even strangers tend to support the man and say, “He was driven to it,” “The woman caused it” or “It just happens,” while berating the woman and questioning her behaviors.

To make matters worse, the criminal justice system seems to be too lenient on these offenders where they often avoid jail time and are left to repeat these behaviors repeatedly. They often get a mild reprimand to let them know, “Hey, it’s not that big of a deal.” With so few consequences, many men begin a dangerous cycle where they continue to dole out abuse to their supposed “loved one” until the situation ratchets up where the victim is seriously hurt or even killed. Maybe if these violent acts were taken more seriously and weren’t so easily ignored, forgiven and justified, there would be many more women who didn’t have to suffer at the hands at not only the men who are supposed to love them, but the criminal justice system and society. #TellUsHowYouReallyFeel

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