‘Hood Humor’ Takes on Immigration and the Black Community Today, 5-6 pm PST

Written by on 15 September 2019

Immigration has always been a hot button issue, but it’s especially been at the forefront during the Trump administration. With new rules and policies that have turned the immigration system on its head, there’s been no shortage of coverage on the issue.

While the left has viewed immigration as a humanitarian issue where immigrants need help and compassion, the right has viewed it as a legal crisis that must be heavily regulated and stopped in its tracks. These differing views have led to all-out legal battles, Congressional wars, name-calling, protests, counter-protests, mass shootings and anything else you can name.

With all the talk about immigration, an important piece of the puzzle that has been curiously missing from the national narrative is how immigration affects U.S. citizens, especially black citizens. A consensus among many black Americans is that illegal immigrants come, undercut their wages and take jobs away from them that they have historically held. This growing problem has led to contention between black and brown communities for years.

On the other hand, you have some blacks who say the black and brown communities are stronger when they work together instead of apart. They often point to the fact that it’s employers who are the actual problem. They argue that these employers welcome immigrants into the country who perform the jobs at lower rates, which undermines blacks, through no fault of their own, which creates the tension. They see this as a ploy to further weaken both communities and keep them fighting.

What’s your thought on immigration? Is it harming the black community at a disproportionate rate? Have you been personally affected? Or, do you see immigration as a humanitarian problem where there’s room at the table for everybody? Tune in to “Hood Humor” this Sunday, 5-6 pm PST where immigration will be among the “stuff you wanna hear people say, but they never do.”


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