From Bush Hates Black People to Trump as a Father Figure: Kanye Kardashian, The Reality Dropout

Written by on 11 October 2018

Somehow in the years that Kanye West boldly and provocatively called out George W. Bush for not doing enough for black people during Katrina to the present where he is essentially the black Muppet/token Negro/house nigga (insert your own description) for Donald Trump, Kanye has had a radical transformation. He keeps telling us he loves Trump and Trump is good for black people and Trump is the savior for poor, uneducated black folk and he supports Trump so much that he’s lost friends and fans by proudly wearing a MAGA hat, but this was never more evident than mere moments ago at his televised speech (?) to/at Trump. Watching it, most people would think it was some sort of half-ass reality show. Well, it seems like a hybrid reality show where the real is too real and uncomfortable to watch.

In front of his fellow black folk, countrymen and the world, Kanye Kardashian, formerly known as Kanye West, “performed” a rambling, self-aggrandizing, blubbering monologue about welfare, black/African-American history, prison reform, black unemployment, gang violence, the Chicago murder rate, the breakdown of families, and of course the depths of his genius. During his televised date, he made sure to clarify his call to abolish the 13th Amendment by saying “it’s a trap door” and you could end up “next to the Unabomber.”

To make matters even more confusing and awkward, he even went so far as to say Trump was a father figure to him and made him feel like a superhero and emboldened him as a man during his campaign. Was he once broken and this nice, white guy gave him hope? White Jesus, anybody? Like a lovelorn teen experiencing unrequited love, Kanye told the world, “I love this guy,” and Trump replied, “That’s nice.” Seems a little lopsided, but that can be okay.

Also, Kanye had to put liberals and “Saturday Night Live” on notice with another strong love declaration, “If he [Trump] don’t look good, we don’t look good. He is our President.” Guess all of us are having a bad hair day.

Further, he gave technology/invention/entrepreneurial advice, said he doesn’t use words like “dope, but” only positive language, then uttered some curse words in the Oval Office on TV which is kind of a no-no. And, also, isn’t this the same dude on “I Love It,” where he gleefully raps, “Send me some mo’ shit, you triflin’ ho bitch.”? That doesn’t sound very positive. But, anyway…

And keep in mind; this all took place in front of a smirking, chuckling, eerily quiet, skeptical, slightly scolding and even shocked-looking Trump. It was so bad that Trump look like he pitied Mr. Kardashian for making such a fool of himself. Looks like Trump got his entertainment for the day and got to avoid doing real work (as usual).

But, back to Mr. K., not only did he jump from topic to topic at a fevered pitch, but he made reckless mentions about mental illness that could be dangerous for many of his followers/fans. According to him, his bipolar diagnosis was a misdiagnosis and was actually the result of sleep deprivation and being too smart for his own damn good. This is the kind of talk that keeps far too many people from seeking the treatment they need. May not be the best message to put out there.

While you don’t have to be a professional to notice something was off, Kanye appeared more unraveled than usual and seemed truly unstable and out-of-touch, where his rant almost seemed like he was actually in front of a trained professional seeking help during a manic episode.

Despite the overall problem/inappropriateness with this conference of geniuses, it’s always a good idea for Trump, of all people, to hear from black people. However, somebody like Kanye is harming the black community more than helping. Instead of seeking the limelight and living up to his Kardashian surname, Kanye needs to truly take stock of his mental health, his actions and who he has become and get the help he sorely needs. Oh, yeah, and Jim Brown was there, too.


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