Forget Quantasia Sharpton’s Weight, Focus on Her Faux Victimization Narrative

Written by on 9 August 2017

It’s easy and unproductive to take cheap shots at Quantasia Sharpton’s weight. Yeah, we get it –her size makes some people uncomfortable and doesn’t fit their beauty standards or the image of somebody that Usher could take an interest in. However, while people are fat shaming, making memes and launching into personal attacks on the young lady, the main issue is being ignored – this young lady is involved in essentially entering a faux narrative of victimizing herself and trying to gain monetary rewards when she’s willingly and admittedly engaged in unprotected sex with at least Usher and August Alsina, according to her accounts. Shouldn’t this be the bigger issue at hand?

Of course, if Usher knowingly has an STD, he should inform others and let them make the choice if they want to enter into a physical encounter or relationship with him. But, if you have unprotected sex without confirming your partner’s health status, aren’t you essentially playing Russian roulette? Aren’t you wittingly entering into a game of chance and basically saying, “I’ll take my chances”?

Get past the looks and look at the issues of disease status, ramifications of unprotected sex and high-risk behaviors that are prevalent in this case. Maybe instead of Quantasia playing the victim and trying to get money that she honestly doesn’t deserve, she needs to take responsibility for her own actions.

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