First Trayvon Martin, Now Sanford PD Failed Young Black Mother, Kids

Written by on 3 April 2017

The Sanford police was thrust into the national and international headlines after their handling, or rather mishandling, of the Trayvon Martin case. Now, they’re back in the spotlight after a particularly heinous case that saw the senseless murder of a young mother, one of her sons and the serious wounding of her other young son, father and two innocent bystanders. What seemed as an innocuous and maybe even petty call about keys turned into a massacre right under the (un)watchful eye of the Sanford PD.

Latina Herring called the police on her boyfriend, Allen Cashe, numerous times about him having her house keys and refusing to give them back. The police came to check out the situation, but claiming no credible evidence, they left. Herring called again 20 minutes later and when the police returned on scene, they told her “to stop calling the police.” The officers accused her of making false accusations and one told her, “We’re going to handle it. Just stop calling 911 and making accusations that you don’t know about.”

However, one officer can be heard saying that Cashe could be making the calls because he could be afraid that H going to do something to her.” During one of the calls, Herring accused Ashe of having a gun, but a gun was never found on the scene, so guns can’t be hidden, so no big deal, right? So, the situation was dismissed as a civil matter, and the police left yet again.

Mere hours later, Cashe would use an AK-47 to go back to the home he shared with Herring to shoot and kill her, shoot her 8 and 7-year-old sons, where 8-year-old Branden Christian later died. He also shot Herring’s father and two bystanders.

Other statements have come out where the police said that perhaps Herring should’ve lied and said Cashe had a gun, even though when she made the accusation earlier, since they couldn’t find one, they brushed her off as making another false statement

This case is so troubling on so many levels. Had these officers taken these calls more seriously perhaps a mother and her young son would be alive now. Perhaps another young boy wouldn’t be fighting serious injuries in the hospital and wouldn’t have lost his mother and brother. Perhaps if the police had done their job, they would’ve tried to diffuse the situation and separated the two instead of thinking of it as another domestic situation where a woman is dismissed as a troublemaker and the man is given leeway to mete out punishment as he sees fit.

Of course, this is the same police department involved in the Trayvon Martin case, the same department that has been put on notice by the Justice Department. Another southern police department that doesn’t seem to put the care and resources into minority callers and their needs. Maybe if these officers had taken seriously their oath “to protect to serve,” we wouldn’t have to constantly scream that law enforcement and justice in this country isn’t equal for all. Would this have happened if the caller had been a young white woman? More than likely not.

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