Does O.J. Have the Juice to Get Paroled?

Written by on 20 July 2017

All eyes on Orenthal James Simpson again today as he faces a parole board, who will ultimately determine if he will be set free this coming October after serving the minimum 9 years of his current armed robbery case. The once-upon-a-time football hero, turned infamous alleged double killer is once again in the limelight as his parole hearing will be livestreamed and broadcast on every major network. There will be the usual hoopla and madhouse of anything surrounding “Juice.”
Will he be set free based on what prison officials call his model behavior behind bars? Or will he be doomed to remain imprisoned due to the murders that many are still incensed that he was found not guilty of in the crime dubbed “the trial of the century”? Anyway it goes, talk of O.J. always brings about strong reaction from two sides — the mostly black segment who thinks he has been unfairly targeted and treated due to an unjust and racist criminal justice system and the mostly white side who thinks he literally got away with murder and has yet to face real justice.
At noon, the verdict will be out once and for all for what could be a closing chapter of  the Simpson saga or the continuance in the melodramatic, soap opera-like life of one of America’s most intriguing characters.

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