Did Boosie Take His Badass American Airlines Rant Too Far?

Written by on 9 June 2019

Well, we all hate to have our plans disrupted, no doubt about that. But, Boosie seems to take the cake. The rapper took to IG for a full-blown diatribe against American Airlines for its alleged refusal to let him board, which subsequently made him miss — get this — a pool party. We’re not being judge-y or nothing, just saying he’s supremely pissed off about missing a pool party to the point he said “I HOPE U BITCHES N YALL PLANES CRASH.” He also referred to the airlines as “racist” and “ignorant” and threw in the f-word, but maybe not really since it was spelled incorrectly.

He accused the man who allegedly wouldn’t allow him and his kids to board as “jealous” and “broke” and wants the man to die in a crash on his way leaving work with his pregnant wife in the car. Though he said AA was racist, he went on a bit of a racist run by calling a black female worker who didn’t come to his much-needed aid as “SAD ASS BLACK UGLY BITCHES.”

Hmmm…okay, Boosie. With all the real problems going on the world, a rapper not making it to a pool party seems to be at the bottom of the list. Now, if there was really a racist element to Boosie’s perceived mistreatment, that’s a different story, but wishing death on people over missing a party seems to take pettiness to a whole new level.

Was Boosie upset and just venting or did he cross the line?

Weigh in and let us know!


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