Blue Whale Game Encouraging Self-Harm and Suicide Among Teens

Written by on 12 July 2017

Parents, there’s another reason to watch out for your kids’ social media use and Internet time. There’s a so-called “game” called the Blue Whale Game or Blue Whale Challenge that encourages young people to hurt themselves in various ways until it culminates into suicide. Teens are tagged by another friend to join on Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat. Once the invitation is accepted, the teen will download the Blue Whale app, which the admins of the group will use to hack into the user’s personal information, which then can’t be deleted.

Over a course of 50 days, or the 50-day challenge, admins will give the user harmful tasks to complete, such as self-harming like cutting, committing dangerous acts or listening to depression-inducing music. If a user refuses to complete a task, he or she will be threatened with harm to the family or blackmailed about personal info. The intimidation only stops once the user commits suicide. The game is prevalent all over the world and has resulted in suicides, hospitalizations and untold damage to kids, their families and loved ones all over the globe.

For kids susceptible to depression, mental illness or thoughts of suicide, this is the perfect environment to suck them in. If a kid is calling for help, take heed and listen; otherwise, there are plenty of predators out there who are willing to take answer by all types of nefarious means.

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