America Has Failed Us, Continues to Fail Us and Will Fail Us Until We Form Our Own Political Party

Written by on 8 July 2016

America has failed us since we’ve been in this country and that failure is more evident than ever. The laws, the justice system, the political parties—none of them are meant to make black people feel respected, safe or even welcome in this country. Anybody with any common sense knows that this is nothing new, but it’s taken on a more sinister, threatening tone with the unapologetic and cretinous way that black males are being slaughtered in this country with nary a conviction, apology or reprimand in sight. Somehow, it’s always justified: “He had a weapon,” “He had a criminal past from 35 years ago,” “He had on a hoodie,” or whatever excuse that seems to assuage the conscience of the officer and greater public until another shooting happens. When is the deadly and terrifying cycle going to end?

Who’s looking out for us? Is it the Democrats? No, they pander to us to get our votes but never really help us out. Is it the Republicans? Hell, no, there’s nothing to discuss. Where’s our political party? Where are the people who truly have our best interests in mind? Where are the people making sure that people who look like us are writing laws, enforcing laws? Where are the people who make sure we get on an economical good foot and continue to acquire wealth to pass on from generation to generation? Why are we worried about voting for Hillary Clinton? What is she going to do for us?

Continuing to buy into this current system isn’t going to bring any change. This so-called revolution is nothing without strong voices, strong leadership, strong ideals and strong goals. We don’t need to protest. We don’t need to chant in the streets. We need to stop, think for ourselves. We don’t need Obama to lead us. We don’t need celebrities to speak for us. We, as the people, need to stand up and speak out for ourselves if we want to make real inroads in this country.

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