99 Days and 99 Problems for Trump, but Unfavorability Ain’t One

Written by on 28 April 2017

In his first 99 days in office, President Trump has seen the lowest popularity of any modern-day president, a lampooning by the national media, an outcry from the masses with protest after protest and a resounding “WTF” from the rest of the world. With America at odds with normal allies like Canada and Germany and beefed up tensions with the usual suspects like Russia and North Korea, it seems like Mr. Trump has 99 problems, but unfavorability ain’t one. On the eve of the 100-day milestone, most are looking toward his failures and his relatively low level of success as commander-in-chief. At this juncture, how would you honestly rate his presidency. Is it better or worse than you expected? Did you have any expectations at all? Did you think he would make it this far? Weigh in and let us know feel about the Trump presidency.

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