#TellUsHowYouReallyFeel … Married Couples and Cheating Spouse’s: Is there ever an acceptable reason to cheat?

#TellUsHowYouReallyFeel … Married Couples and Cheating Spouse’s: Is there ever an acceptable reason to cheat?

Are you a Scandal fan? I am, I love me some Fitz and Olivia. You might be asking what am I doing rooting for the mistress or “side chick”. Well, if you know anything about this show, Fitz and Olivia belong together; they are “connected” or soul mates some would say. However, because we live in a grown up world sometimes we are not able to follow our heart, we have to do what makes sense and will produce a stable existence. This perspective leads me to this week’s topic.  Is there ever an acceptable reason to cheat?

I know it is very hard to look at this topic objectively, however I wonder about this. There are many married couples in this country that at one point or another, one partner has committed adultery. I wonder if any of them had a legitimate reason to do so. I spoke with one woman today and she told me she was unhappily married for years and she had a friend on the side before she had a finalized divorce. She stated that she and her husband lived as friends (unspoken, not a verbal agreement) and they were no longer intimate. Was it permissible that she was cheating on him?

What about the argument of one spouse not taking care of home and the void being filled by someone more than willing? What about those isolated moments of weakness? Is there ever a situation that is understandable, forgivable, or permissible? There are several examples that I could present. Being objective I can understand their reasoning, so does that mean there is an acceptable reason to cheat? If we say no, then is it a double standard that so many people are rooting for the love of Fitz and Olivia every Thursday to reign supreme? This is a touchy topic, cheating, however we want you to keep it real and tell us how you feel! Leave your comments below. Remember to call into your favorite After Party and tell us on air!

Robyn L. E-Green