Meet The Pettiness that Makes The Petty Crew Radio

Written by on 16 October 2017

You may know them as The Petty Crew Radio, but now, let’s take a sneak peek behind the pettiness and see who this crew really is and what they’re about. The Petty Crew Radio was the brainchild of Steven Hayes, better known as Boss Hogg, the proud, unabashed, self-proclaimed King of Being Petty. To complement his perfect mix of pettiness, observation, wit, and humor, he assembled six men and women who bring their personal brand of petty to the show. They include: Shelly T, K-Bee, ROSZ, Easy Ray, Honei and a regular appearance by Bri Amor. How would they describe their brand? As keeping it too real, of course! Why? Duh, cuz they’re petty. While some might find their brash, in-your-face style offensive, they believe in 100% honesty, even if it’s “mean,” to all you snowflakes out there.

Fun fact: The Petty Crew started out as a social media entity that transitioned to radio. While fairly new to radio, they plan to take their time and get it right to become one of the most popular Internet radio shows. The Petty Crew Radio Show seeks to give its listeners quality content that may not get as much attention as it should on a mainstream platform since their content is steeped in African American culture. Their ultimate goal is to leave the listener with thought-provoking, but educational content at the same time. How do you catch them? Check them out every Sunday 2-4 pm on Tha Afterparty Radio’s A Side.

“Meet us at the shade tree where petty and truth come together.”

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