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K. Michelle’s debut album Rebellious Soul is flying off the shelves, and she’s teamed up with Saving Our Daughters for the Rebel Against campaign, where people can rebel against harmful things in our lives, such as sexism and racism.


Saving Our Daughters works to help women in different ways, including the fight against domestic abuse. While on VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” K. spoke about having been in an abusive relationship in the past, so that makes this fight extra-personal. Together K. and Saving Our Daughters have been visiting women’s shelters, and they’re also fundraising at Indiegogo to continue their mission. After one of her visits to a women’s shelter, K. spoke to MTV Act about the Rebel Against campaign, her reasons for leaving “Love and Hip HopAtlanta” and her debut album.

ACT: What can you tell us about the Rebel Against campaign with Saving Our Daughters? How can people get involved?

K: I wanted to do something for women, and men — anybody who has something that they’re rebelling against. Everybody has a topic or issue they struggle with every day. So I wanted them to have an opportunity and platform to speak on it and say how they feel. It’s blown up to the point we’re getting emails every day. It’s taken on a life of its own.

People are rebelling against cancer, homophobia, that kind of thing. There was a little boy rebelling against brain cancer. That was one of the most touching ones I got. All issues are coming in. People can send something to my email [thekmichellefans@gmail.com] and we go through them and put them on Instagram. You can also go to the Saving Our Daughters website, the contact information, and email. Curtis [Benjamin, the CEO] is very good at getting back to people about what needs to be done. We’re about to do a big thing for this campaign after the album comes out today, because I’ll have more time.

ACT: You’ve been visiting women’s shelters with Saving Our Daughters. What sort of experiences have you had there? What’s been the most powerful?

K: It’s all really powerful. I just left a shelter right now. It’s crazy. You think your life is bad and the things you’ve gone through, and then you talk to other women and see their struggles. It’s really sad. It makes you realize, “You know what, I have to do something about it.”

All the time I see women breaking out of abuse and showing their strength. At today’s shelter, the women are there [for] three to six months. They’ve just been in an abusive situation and they’re trying to get back on their feet. The shelter is giving them jobs and someplace safe for six months.

ACT: You’ve spoken about having been in an abusive relationship in your past. What do you want to say to women who might be in an abusive relationship right now? What help do they have to get out of a bad relationship?

K: They can contact Saving Our Daughters, absolutely. They’re really good at helping place women. A lot of times women stay because they don’t have anyplace else to go. They can get help, because people are willing to help them. They just need to be able to walk away.

ACT: What did you learn from being on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”? Can you tell us why you decided to leave the show?

K: Just fighting your battles, that’s what I learned. And it was just time to go. My career is taking on a whole new life of its own, and New York is really the place for me to really be and focus in.

ACT: What do you wish you knew as a teenager that you know now?

K: That everything shall pass, and not to stress as much.

ACT: You have some really powerful stuff on your album Rebellious Soul! What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

K: I love the “Sometimes” record. It’s got an Etta James, old-school feel, and I really put my all into it. That’s my new Motown.

I encourage each of you to consider supporting this wonderful project! You can make your donations by visiting:

Saving Our Daughters

xoxo: MTV Act for the post!

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