Grit Up to Walk Tall: Best-Selling Author, Rodney Flowers’ Inspirational Message

Written by on 11 December 2015

Standing on his own two feet has been no easy feat and in fact, at one time, it seemed almost like grabbing a shooting star. However, best-selling author, Rodney C. Flowers, has proven that mind can overcome matter and dreams are nothing more than tasks to accomplish. In 1993, after an on-field, career-ending, debilitating injury that left Flowers with a grim prognosis of being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, Flowers made it a mission to not only annihilate his foe, the injury, but transform it into his life’s work.

Every step that he makes proves that he broke the confines of his limitations through his own advice to “grit up.” He explains this in great detail in his hit inspirational, self-help book, “Get Up! I Can’t, I Will. I Did…Here’s How!” where Flowers wants others to look at his life as an example of all things are possible if you have the determination, hard work, attitude and dedication to make it happen.

As an author, Flowers uses his words to eloquently paint a picture of his journey to inspire others and as a public speaker, he uses his home-spun wit and charisma to motivate others to look past their current position and look at the big picture and how they can live with purpose.

While at Tha Afterparty Radio in Dallas, TX, on a Friday evening, Flowers explained to a small group how goals and dreams manifest themselves into accomplishments.

“Why do you have goals, dreams? They are a spiritual expression trying to become a physical expression. The Bible says to be fruitful and multiply, but it’s not about just having children. It’s about having ideas. The thought is first in the air and then the body determines the results,” Flowers illustrated on a piece of paper.

He also believes that energy is everywhere and it’s this very energy that drives our creativity and connects us all to one another.

“Everything happens in the mind and it’s that transmutation that the idea takes on the physical form. The creativity is in the spirit and when it’s expressed, we’re all connected. We are all connected – one source, one mind, one spirit.”

Flowers’ story is one of more than hope and miracles coming true; instead, it’s a story of conquering the seemingly impossible and making a purposeful life to share and inspire others to actualize their full potential.


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