Tha Afterparty Radio Review: ‘Full Moon’ by Jaimie Steck

Written by on 12 March 2019

Confidently oozing sex appeal like a seasoned pop star, fresh-faced Jaimie Steck lights up the vocals and sizzles on the video for her debut single, “Full Moon.” The Los Angeles-based pop singer adds a modern twist to the girl-wants-boy single where she unabashedly croons that she’s looking for that special man, but not for the butterflies in the tummy, weak knees and cute little hearts clustered around their smiling faces.

“Full Moon” is an emboldened 2019 version of a girl looking for her fella, but it’s to feel the heat and the passion and to have some downright good sex. Abound with sexual innuendo, Jaimie isn’t afraid to tell her guy what she’s looking for and even admits in one lyric, “I was never good at subtlety.”

Perfect for the age of girl power and women being empowered by, through and with their sexuality, “Full Moon,” lets it be known that women can and should be in charge of their sex lives. “Will you be the night of my life? Wake me up at midnight, love me from the dark side,” sums it all up. And, throw in “Love me on the full moon,” and there you have it — bold, blunt and brazen, and we’re here for it, loving every second of it.

Per Jaimie’s release, “Being a songwriter herself, she aims to let her inner voice speak through her lyrics, while bringing power and entertainment through visuals.”  A dual threat, Jaimie isn’t simply a singer, but a dancer as well where her performing abilities are on full display in “Full Moon,” which finds Jaimie synchronizing her slinky moves to match the sexy vocals. “She [Jaimie] aims to incorporate a thrilling performance aspect into her music whether it’s through her music videos or live shows.” Thrilling and exciting, she is.

Where many of her modern peers simply rely on a catchy hook to captivate audiences, Jaimie is looking to take it to the next level by adding back the showmanship to pop music, reminiscent of the greats like Janet Jackson, Madonna and Britney Spears. While incorporating her predecessors’ ability to bring their music to life through movement and stage performance, Jaimie further seeks to put her unique stamp on present-day pop music with attention-grabbing performances like “Full Moon.”

Watch for yourself and see how this up-and-coming pop star matches up with pop royalty from the past.

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