Review: ‘Closer Look’ by Les Techno

Written by on 10 December 2018

A throwback and homage to all things 80s, Les Techno provides the soundtrack for all the boldness, rawness and weirdness that the decade offered with “Closer Look.” The synthesizer, the guitar riffs and the vocals will transplant the listener to memories of renting tapes from Blockbuster, using copious amounts of hairspray with nary a thought to environment and seeing that bad-ass DeLorean on the big screen back before “Netflix and chill” was a thing.

But, back to the present, and the NYC rocker lays his vocals for his latest single over a booming, pulsating techno beat that resonates with 80s babies and those who have just read about it on Wikipedia. Catching a glimpse of his mystery lady every chance he can, Les is trying to crack her code and sees what lies beneath the beautiful face and smile. You know how those things go.

Listening to this track, many listeners might be surprised by the fact that Les is more than a rocker who plays a guitar and sings in the expected rock hangouts, but has branched out into a plethora of genres. For example, did you know that he played with the jazz legend, Larry Coryell, known as the”Godfather of Fusion”? Yes, yes, he did.

During his tenure, Les “learned to work with analog synthesizers with those big, round knobs, analog reel to reel tape machines, razor blades, and a grease pencil in order to make obscure atonal music for college credit at some fancy-shit university,” per his bio.
Earning a “studio tan,” the trained rocker further experimented with his musical tastes by hooking up with hip-hop royalty like Run-DMC, Mobb Deep, Onyx and more. And, somehow, someway, he worked on a maybe regrettable and, hopefully forgettable track by Onyx aptly titled, “Black Vagina Finder,” but to set the record clear, the record wasn’t his idea;there was an exchange of money.

Not one to be limited, Les continued to do his own thing and moved through sounds by getting together with funkmaster Bernie Worrell to bring awareness to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center in NYC, working on a remix with Red Hot Chili Peppers and partnering with Ava Cherry, an R&B artist. And, he did the reggae dancehall thing and the Latin hip-hop deal to not miss out on anything.

Why mix genres when, “You know, genre mixing in this business is dangerous,” a preeminent A&R man told Les? Because, that’s why and, now you have a “Closer Look”at Les Techno the artist and the single.

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