Get 2018 Started Right with Your Own Radio Show

Get 2018 Started Right with Your Own Radio Show

You probably made a list of goals that you wanted to accomplish in this new year, but things like becoming a “better person,” exercising daily and getting along better with your family, probably ain’t happening. But, one thing you can do that is within your grasp is getting your own radio show! It’s an easy, straightforward process and the rates may be surprisingly lower than you expected. Whether you have a single topic or area of interest you’re passionate about, have a fresh, new concept or simply want to be the voice behind the mic shaping the culture, call or text Tha Afterparty Radio today at 214-531-3301 for more information. See you in the new year with your new show!

  1. King Solomon

    6 months ago

    I’m really interested in having my own show,please get bacc with me…