#TellUsHowYouReallyFeel — Can You Date Someone Attracted to Multiple Genders?

Written by on 11 September 2019

As many already know from the non-stop tabloids, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have split, but there’s an added twist. There are rumors circulating that the reason for the split was due to Miley Cyrus reverting back to “her old ways,” and she was caught kissing another woman. Yes, there are pictures if you’re interested and want to look it up.

According to multiple sources, the singer/actress has been known to identify as pansexual, which means that she can be attracted to individuals of different genders and sexual orientations — basically, her sexuality is fluid. This inherently means that she is attracted to someone based on other factors solely than gender norms, such as looks, personality, compatability, rather than simply a person’s genitals.

Now, this brings us to our question: Can you date someone who is attracted to multiple genders? Does it lead to increased jealousy? Can you not trust them around any gender/gender-identification? Is your own gender identity affected? Or, is it no big deal? People can be attracted to whoever? Chime in and Tell Us How You Really Feel.

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