Playing God with the Criminal Justice System: The Death Penalty & Black Lives

Written by on 7 March 2020

While some crimes are so heinous that they arise to the occasion of the death penalty, the real problem with the system, besides the obvious of trying to play God with the criminal justice system, is its inherent fairness to black lives. Case in point is what happened in Nathaniel Woods Thursday night when the state of Alabama threw commonsense, decency, fairness and basic humanity out of the window and decided to execute Nathaniel.
Nathaniel was charged with the murder of three cops, but the problem was he didn’t pull the trigger. He knew it, the DA knew it, the judge knew it, the cops knew it, the jury knew it, hell, even the actual trigger man knew it. But, alas Gov. Kay Ivey didn’t have the decency to stay the execution. Even the Supreme court wanted no part of it and kept a hands-off approach. This hands-off approach led to the death of a man who was guilty for his role in a crime that claimed three lives but who wasn’t solely responsible. Alas, the actual trigger puller is still on death row and even implored the state not to execute Nathaniel, but it fell on deaf ears.
The problem with this case and so many similar ones are the defendants are overwhelmingly black, receive inadequate counsel, face biased juries and a twisted justice system that just doesn’t play fair. With this case in mind, how do you feel about the death penalty? Does it deserve tougher scrutiny? Should it be abolished? Is it fine the way it is? Weigh in and let us know. #TellUsHowYouReallyFeel

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