Black History Month a Portrait of Strength, Perseverance & Milestones

Written by on 1 February 2020

To mark the beginning of Black History Month, Google has chosen the lunch counter sit-in at Greensboro, North Carolina for its Doodle. The Greensboro Four bravely stood up to racism and discrimination by sitting at a whites-only counter at Woolworth’s. On day one, the four black college students waited all day despite not being served. Resolute in their mission, they returned on day two with the same results. However, by the third day, more than 300 students joined the movement, which lasted months and started a wave of similar demonstrations throughout the South and proved to be a monumental moment in the Civil Rights Movement.

Only 60 years ago, it’s important to put this event in context and understand how an action as simple as sitting at a counter and staying true to your values and beliefs can have such an impact and inspire so many others. It’s actions like these that make Black History American History and show the true impact that black Americans have made, are making now and will make in the future. February may be the month designated for Black History, but Black Excellence is on display all day, every day, year-round for America and the world to see our great milestones, unbreakable strength and unparalleled perseverance.


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