All-Inclusive Afterparty Radio Welcomes All to Host Radio Show

Written by on 6 July 2019

Here at Tha Afterparty Radio, we don’t care what kind of hair you’ve got, what you look like, or any of that nonsense — as long as you have the drive and motivation, we’ve got a slot for you. Why not host your own show at the best damn online internet radio station in the world? Well, you can, and it’s easier than you probably thought. We have the keys to success at the station made for the people, by the people. You just need to be ready for greatness. We have slots available on the Party South’s A and B sides and The Party West.

When we say your show, we mean your show with your own voice and platform. Whether you are a seasoned radio vet or new to the game, Tha Afterparty Radio is the perfect station for you to get your show out to a global audience, 24/7. Also, our shows are great for individuals, duos, groups, non-profits, entrepreneurs and more.

With convenient locations in Dallas, Texas, and Inglewood, California, we’re in two of the best, most radio-friendly regions to get your show on the map. Our state-of-the-art studios and in-house engineering are always available to support your needs and ensure your show is on point. Bring your voice, vision and energy, and we’ll provide the rest at the hottest station around.

Learn about our affordable rates and how easy it is to get started by giving us a call at 214-531-3301. Do it expeditiously! We can’t wait to see ya at the party!

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