Fashion Forward: Color Blocking

Fashion Forward: Color Blocking

Tha Afterparty Radio’s own Coach Couture will be celebrating his 28th birthday next week and decided to show off his colorful personality by hosting a “Color Block Party”.. WTF! In my quest to find the perfect outfit I learned that I have been color blocking for YEARS and didn’t know even know it. Stepping outside of the box of matching colors, is the latest trend of mixing, known as “Color Blocking”.  Color Blocking is for the daring and fashion forward diva. Taking two bold or pastel colors very different from each other but look great together and arrange them in blocks such as a red off the shoulder top and a yellow tube skirt with some purple sandal wedges. Can you see it? What’s so ravishingly awesome is color blocking is inclusive of lips and nails.



I think I found the perfect “fit” that will sure shut the party down! Be sure you are following my Fan Page  to see the finished look.. I plan to be bold, beautiful and express my inner Diva.

So what bold and bodacious or bright and lively colors are you trending?

xoxo…Robyn L. E-Green..  GrupieLuv