Tha Afterparty Radio Review: ‘What I Want’ by Lachi

Written by on 3 April 2019

What do you want? Like, really want? Well, if you’re Lachi, you’re not shy about excitingly exclaiming that you want that body…over and over. But, it’s that same bold repetition that makes the song so catchy and likable. Lachi lends her powerful pipes to her latest smoldering single, “What I Want.” For this lit joint, Lachi teamed up with producer Julian Javan to give it an electronica yet pop-worthy edge that bodes well for listeners who don’t like to be bogged down by one genre just like Lachi.

The sizzling and emboldened single is in homage to women who aren’t afraid to say exactly what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling, despite what society might deem appropriate. After all, we are at the height of the women’s empowerment move, which includes women being open and forthright about their sexuality in ways they never could’ve imagined before. This is a new type of girl power song a la 2019.

As Lachi so eloquently put it, “The track was inspired by the new wave of women taking charge and kicking ass across the nation from politics, to entertainment, to small-town heroes. I’m the type of girl who doesn’t mind buying a cute guy at the bar a drink, and know I’m not nearly the only one. The culture of holding women to some high pin-up standard is now on the out. It’s high time for any ‘Her’ to walk into a bar and declare what she wants without the peril of itch-bay stigma.”

Though the song is about a woman who isn’t afraid to speak up and out, “What I Want” is all-inclusive, where no matter your gender or orientation you can relate to eyeing that somebody who gives you the ultimate feels and makes you want to shoot your shot.

Listening to this track, you can’t help but take note of Lachi’s unique voice, which is a result of her growing up in several, non-congruent place like – in her own words – “the blackest parts  of Philly, the whitest parts of Upstate New York, and then southern-belled it in North Carolina for a while.” This eclectic background also allows her to experiment with varying genres, including pop, EDM and soul.

While she may not be on everybody’s radar, Lachi is no novice. As an international singer, songwriter and producer, she’s opened for the legendary Patti LaBelle, been featured on Oprah Radio, co-wrote “Rude” by Kendra Black featuring Snoop Dogg, worked with Styles P and much more.

Check out “What I Want” on Spotify, and as an added bonus, if you think the song is hot, you’ve got to check out the video:

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