Tha Afterparty Radio Review: ‘Snow’ by GEA

Written by on 16 April 2019

Though “Snow” aims to be a soothing album, at times, it felt to be quite the contrary, which helps to add to the mystique and cleverness of the EP. While some tracks certainly were mellow, others had a more agitated quality to them to help balance out the EP and give it more depth and texture. With these 5 distinctive tracks, Indie/alternative pop singer GEA was able to cover a lot of material to hone her message, “to make you remember the essence of life, to fill you with love.”

Kicking off the EP, “Time” had a haunting tone and vibe about it, along with a noticeable rock quality to spice things up and give it a bit on an incongruent feel. Juxtaposed with GEA’s soothing, Nordic voice, it was a smart choice to begin with to give the listeners a sense of what was in store for the rest of the EP. However, the song probably could’ve been just as effective, if not more, if a few seconds had been shaved off.

With Japanese-like Zen, the eponymous “Snow” is a definite standout that can take the listener to the soothing place, home, that the EP focuses on. The tones, the rhythms, the singing makes you want to grab your blanket, bundle up and forget about everything going on around you, to find that happy place, that safe place. Drawing on inspiration from Agnes Obel’s music, GEA took the inspiration and energy she gained to catapult her as a songwriter. Per the singer, “Following the light of Agnes Obel, I was apparently led to drink from the same spring of inspiration as the writers of the series [‘Game of Thrones’].”

While the EP is mainly focused on life and love, it also touches on death and its impact on those left behind to mourn. “In Memoriam” took on a personal quality as GEA softly lilted out lyrics in response to the death of a young boy from her past and added this song to comfort those who knew the boy best.

Ending with “Untrue” was a great way to wrap things up since as the longest track, it had the opportunity to take the listener on a wide range of emotions, yet ended on a pleasant note, which got to the very essence of “Snow” as a whole. “We are all responsible for our own happiness. We are responsible for our own and our planet’s well-being.”

As a vehicle for her own growth, GEA wrote “Snow” to showcase her confidence, acquired skills and increased creativity since her debut album, which has led to a monumental awakening recognized by a global audience. “Time” has received airplay on more than 31 radio stations, GEA was named as having one of the best female showcases at SXSW music festival, and her debut album charted in the USA, reaching two top 10 chart positions, among other things.

Described as a “Nordic folk saga delivered with modern electro-acoustic production and fairy-like vocals,” check out GEA for yourself by listening to “Snow” here.

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