Tha Afterparty Radio Review — ’26’ by Ámaris

Written by on 3 June 2019

Well, honestly, it took me a while to think of the perfect way to describe “26.” At first, I couldn’t think of a lot of good words and wasn’t too thrilled with the album until I started digging deeper into the track list. Initially, I was a little taken aback by the actual singing and thought this was just standard pop fare, nothing too exciting. After the two tracks, “What an unusual voice” crossed my mind quite a bit, which I wasn’t quite sure how to categorize. It’s not like the singing was bad or anything, but just a bit off-putting for my tastes. It seemed kind of forced and artificial. However, as the album developed, it seemed more like a purposeful intent as Ámaris took on a variety of completely different tones and sounds to make the album come alive.

While the album can grow on you if given the chance, it may not be still be kind of niche-y, where it’s not exactly for everybody. This might be the type of album where you’re not going to listen straight through but kind of pick and choose your faves. However, if you take that approach, you really do miss out on “26’s” full impact. I took my own advice and listened through the whole thing, but by the end, I was much more interested in listening to select singles and didn’t really think it was worth it to listen to certain singles.

For me, the first two singles “Jelly” and “Sunburn” didn’t really do the album a lot of justice. While on the first listen, “Jelly” seemed a little elementary — your love makes me feel like jelly — it actually had a deeper message about racism and hate speech that may not easily be picked up on by the sheer delivery.

However, once you mine out “Diamond,” the album comes to come to life and lives out its true potential. Not to be all cliché, but “Diamond” did sparkle. With its raw intensity and openness, Ámaris brings that woman scorned attitude to the track that a lot of listeners can truly relate to; you can feel her emotion dripping through. It’s tracks like these that can turn a non-believer into a believer.

“Numb” was another top pick of mine because it was a nice juxtaposition of how the album started off rough, yet this single smoothed down the edges and provided a softer, more ethereal feel.

And, “The Storm” really blew me away because from a pop/electronic album, I wasn’t expecting the kind of soulful singing that gave a real Mariah, diva-esque quality to it. But Ámaris’ ability to transcend genres and shift sounds shouldn’t be a huge surprise since she’s one to take chances. Ámaris already has several albums under her belt, and she even released two simultaneously in 2017, “The Hollow” and “Neon Colors.”

And, not only is she a singer, but a producer, actress and get this – a science fiction author. As an author, she “dedicates herself to world building, having released ‘The Chariots of Orion – The Request’ in 2017, with the sequel ‘The Chariots of Orion 2 – The Contract’ having been released in 2019.

To listen to “26,” go here and for Ámaris’ motivation behind each single go to her official website.


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