Review: ‘Single’ by Scotty Seed

Written by on 27 January 2019

Genre-bending, thrill-seeking, hook-addicting electronic/grunge dance artist Scotty Seed makes it a mission to blur musical lines on his exploratory 3-single project, simply and elegantly titled, “Single.” Perhaps the beauty and greatest achievement of “Single” is with only three songs, Scotty gets more accomplished than an album 4 times its length. Scotty uses the scaled down album to take the listener on an emotional journey where you can taste his emotions, smell his passion and feel his intensity.

“Faust (I Can’t Escape)” is a whole mood filled with the angst that only a young person trying to find their way in the world could experience. You can feel Scotty’s ambitions as he’s developing and growing as an artist, yet at the same time, feeling the weight of the world and maybe the doubters, haters and naysayers wearing on him. It’s that struggle that makes it relatable, but it’s the Witch House vibes that takes it to the next level with a dark, moody and brooding background.

But, somehow, “I Can’t Escape” makes you want to dance and gives you that 90’s rave-type club vibe and energetic flow that you can feel coursing through your veins. It’s one of those one-two punch type songs where you can feel it on two levels and just can’t escape the pulsating beat, screeching guitars and lyrical shouting.

“Trephination” balances out the energy of the first track since it’s calmer as it’s intended to be but darker. With clever word play of the word “trephination,” Scotty succinctly draws a correlation between the surgical skull procedure and his own pain and demons. Despite the macabre feeling of the track, Scotty leaves his listeners with something hopeful.

As an LGBT artist, Scotty offers some social commentary on “Pig” about Grindr culture. Nirvana-inspired, you can feel the anger and disgust oozing through about no doubt some of the bad experiences the app has to offer its users, which is pretty evident as Scotty shouts “screw you” over and over again.”

“My sound differs from different artists/bands because it has a lot of nostalgia but a spark of originality. My music represents the past, present, and future,” Scotty said. His ability to be his own artist while paying homage to his predecessors and mixing the novel with the familiar makes Scotty Seed an artist you want to watch as he continues to grow creatively, artistically and personally, so go ahead and check out “Single” for yourself.


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