Review: ‘Navigate’ by Erich Mrak

Written by on 7 February 2019

Marrying a smooth techno-heavy beat to a melancholic, melodic cadence, listeners are presented with “Navigate,” which is not only easy on the ears but relatable in terms of its content and the passion seeping through. This Erich Mrak  single is the first of six singles that the artist will release each month for the first 6 months of 2019 to introduce himself to a wider audience. The single successfully sets the course to “navigate” listeners to where the rest of the tracks and album will ultimately lead them.

Touching on a subject that many are familiar with, Erich croons about how his life is “sideways, lost in the pretty lights, trying to find the right way.” The tune musters up all the anxiety and slight desperation that we all  face at one point or another as we try figure out why others make the decisions they make and the true reasons behind them. The track also touches on the emotional toll we undergo as we try to understand how these decisions affect us and navigating to find the right way to deal with these situations, all set to a catchy beat.

As an upcoming pop/experimental, hip hop/electronic artist looking to expand his musical boundaries, Erich wrote “Navigate,” along with his in-house producer, Bento, who also provided production. Both strive to offer a different sound, while leaving their signature all over their work. Per Erich’s press release, “His signature sound is characterized by down tempo beats, melancholy vocals and spacious melodies. His lyrics and visuals present the every day.”

Though Erich’s upcoming EP is currently untitled, you get a good feel for his vibe right out the gate with “Navigate.” Already piquing interest with this track, subsequent tracks will be “accompanied by a live, off-the-floor rendition of each song,” which will be released after the studio version at the end of the month.

While Erich is a young artist, he’s already experienced a taste of success with a string of buzz worthy singles like “Think About It,” “Float” and “Summer Dealer,” which have earned him acclaim from several artists and noteworthy publications. By the sound of “Navigate,” Erich seems poised toward more accolades and acceptance by a wider audience in the near future. Take a listen Navigate here.

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