Review: ‘Moody’ by The Other Life

Written by on 30 January 2019

The mysterious, up-and-coming alternative pop Swedish artist, The Other Life, is giving listeners a new existence to alternative punk with the ethereal and hypnotic single, “Moody.” The track gives you the usual punk elements with the darkness and drabness but brings it up to an energetic level with booming, pulsating electronic beats to give you a sense of newness to something that feels so familiar. This marriage of the two distinctive and quite opposite elements brings forth a new life force, which is some sort of weird, yet intriguing hybrid offspring.

What’s the best way to describe “Moody”? Perhaps, the artist said it best with, “The song isn’t so much about looking moody as it is about being honest. It’s about not removing the ketchup bottle from the dinner photo, about saying how much you’ll enjoy your holiday during the coffee break, even though your boss is present.” And, that’s “Moody” in a nutshell.

To fully appreciate and understand the complexity and differing layers of the single, it has been remixed not once, but twice. There’s the Operator S Remix, as well as the John Gary Remix. Though the same brand, each remix gives “Moody” a vastly distinctive sound and flavor to give the song a new interpretation.  Each version builds on how the song itself is built upon individual interpretation where on the surface, it seems to be about aspirations and the appearance one takes on in front of others; however, “Moody” takes on a different meaning according to each listener’s imagination and personal life experiences.  Per the press release, “The song is less about actual moodiness and more about honesty and how often we have to pretend.”

With a sound reminiscent of various English rock/post-punk bands like Joy Division, Public Image Ltd and HMLTD, “Moody” is quickly making noise on the underground scene, getting major play in the clubs and on the airwaves all over the UK. However, don’t expect to see the face behind the sound since The Other Life is known to wear a doctor’s mask in public whether performing or just making an appearance. By not revealing his name or face, The Other Life is able to devote all his energy into his music and continue to bring a freshness and edge to the genre. Check out Listen “Moody” and add your own interpretation to the ever growing opinions of the song, and watch the video official video to get a true sense of The Other Life.

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