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Tha Afterparty Radio’s own Coach Couture will be celebrating his 28th birthday next week and decided to show off his colorful personality by hosting a “Color Block Party”.. WTF! In my quest to find the perfect outfit I learned that I have been color blocking for YEARS and didn’t know even know it. Stepping outside of […]

So many of my friends and family are gay or transgender.  It never crossed my mind to have an opinion and I still don’t. Their choice was never my concern. However, after recent conversations, they’ve confided their family is not that cool with it.  It made me wonder about my own kids. I could not […]

The newest dance craze at the hottest parties is “twerking”. Some may ask what is twerking. Twerking is the latest expression of hip popping meets booty shaking! Women wear the sexiest outfits (which normally include tightness) and shake what their momma gave them on beat and the more advance even do a few cheek tricks […]

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