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One day you’re madly in love and the next — well, you can’t stand to look at that person or even hear their name. Case in point, Lil Wayne and Birdman. The rapping duo, who once considered themselves like father, like son, splintered somewhere along their 20+ year musical odyssey. Wayne is accusing Birdman of […]

Post by Tha Afterparty Radio. Tha Afterparty Radio in partnership with the Homeless Coalition Of Dallas would like to support the homeless with socks for the winter or non perishable items. Our goal is to aide 150 people and we need your help by Decemeber 17th! Drop your items off at our studio or ask your […]

There’s a new breed of cowboys in Dallas and we’re not talking about America’s Team. Jerrell QashFlo is introducing us to the “Triple D Cowboy,” the cowboys who are about their money and getting ahead in life, which is something that this rapper is more than familiar with.  Rising above almost seemingly impossible odds, Jerrell […]

Celebrity beef is one thing but what about it when it’s a little more personal, say, at your job? No matter where you may work, there always seems to be that one annoying, irritating, obnoxious co-worker that doesn’t rest until they ruin somebody’s or everybody’s day. Whether it’s spreading rumors and gossip, not holding up […]

With a name like Dum Dolla, not only do you need stupid, crazy dollars, but you need stupid, sick lyrics to match and Dum Dolla certainly fits the bill. This Dallas native, hailing from the tough streets of Oak Cliff, knows a thing or two about adversity. Born Domonique Thomas on November 24, 1988, Dum […]

For the past few months the station’s Program Director, Montanna Mitchem has been hitting the streets of Dallas to narrate some cools things happening on the Arts Scene. Check out some exclusive footage from our live broadcast for Rip The Mic Live. If you want to see more episodes, move your mouse over to […]

While other artists are trying to burn up the charts, Icy Mike is trying chill at the top. Dallas native Icy Mike, born Jermal Tolbert, has been passionate and consistent about pursuing a career in music for as long as he can remember. With great talent and hard work comes recognition, and Icy Mike has […]

While her mantra maybe, “Aye, wake me up when I’m rich,” T Lo-Lo, also known as Princess Tiana, knows that it takes much hard work and dedication to her craft. This female emcee is all about enlightening her audience with a message of hope, dreams and reaching for the seemingly impossible. Producing a refreshing delivery […]

Keyshia Cole tackles suicide on the latest video from her aptly entitled disc Point Of No Return (available now).  In “Heat Of Passion”, which her “Intro (Last Tango) clip, Keyshia plays the role of a scorned woman who walked out on her cheating lover. “Somebody better call the police ’cause I’m feeling kinda crazy right […]

Rip The Mic is one the Hottest Shows in Dallas, TX  which features some of the best undiscovered, indie and unsigned talent in Texas and Surrounding States. Your opportunity to perform is here! Rip The Mic is designed to give talented beings an opportunity to perform their original music and productions in a live venue […]

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