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Need a little relationship advice? Need a little advice on how to hold on to that income tax money a little longer? Need to know how to handle child support when you have one kid too many? Well, you’re in luck because Kountry Wayne, aka Jesus Wayne, is here to save the day. Drawing on […]

Just as John was putting the pieces of his life back together, he was dealt another blow — mental illness. He was diagnosed with severe hallucinatory bipolar disorder. As a result, he was unable to read, had difficulty speaking and began hallucinating, where he saw imaginary people that he referred to as “the not people.” […]

Homelessness. Drug Addiction. Mental Illness. Cancer Stricken. College Graduate. Gifted Music Producer. While it may sound like something ripped right out of a Hollywood movie script, this is the true story of one man’s journey from the depths of his own personal hell to the salvation that hard work, determination and ultimately music saved him […]

There’s a new breed of cowboys in Dallas and we’re not talking about America’s Team. Jerrell QashFlo is introducing us to the “Triple D Cowboy,” the cowboys who are about their money and getting ahead in life, which is something that this rapper is more than familiar with.  Rising above almost seemingly impossible odds, Jerrell […]

While other artists are trying to burn up the charts, Icy Mike is trying chill at the top. Dallas native Icy Mike, born Jermal Tolbert, has been passionate and consistent about pursuing a career in music for as long as he can remember. With great talent and hard work comes recognition, and Icy Mike has […]

While her mantra maybe, “Aye, wake me up when I’m rich,” T Lo-Lo, also known as Princess Tiana, knows that it takes much hard work and dedication to her craft. This female emcee is all about enlightening her audience with a message of hope, dreams and reaching for the seemingly impossible. Producing a refreshing delivery […]

Your prayers have been answered because Tha Afterparty Radio is bringing you “The Preachers of L.A.” Known for their passionate sermons, legions of followers and over-the-top personalities, Bishop Ron Gibson, Pastor Wayne Chaney and Pastor Jay Haizlip, will give our listeners an up close and personal look into the life of an L.A. preacher. Bishop […]

Spike Lee is being sued for dealing with the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case in his own emotional way. The movie director tweeted an address, believing it to be George Zimmerman, after the murder was made public. However, the address was actually that of an elderly couple, David and Elaine McClain. The couple claim that they […]

Darcell is no stranger to adversity or challenges. He is no stranger to struggling or even falling short when it comes to his personal and career aspirations and pursuits. R&B singer, producer and songwriter, Darcell only understands one thing when it comes to opposition … that his faith and belief in God and the calling […]

K. Michelle’s debut album Rebellious Soul is flying off the shelves, and she’s teamed up with Saving Our Daughters for the Rebel Against campaign, where people can rebel against harmful things in our lives, such as sexism and racism.   Saving Our Daughters works to help women in different ways, including the fight against domestic abuse. While on VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop […]

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