Singing since the tender age of 3 and involved in the industry since the age of 9, singer Taushey Sias’ voice is truly a gift from above. Straddling the lines of Gospel Jazz, Traditional Gospel, and Prophetic Worship, Taushey describes her sound as “Powerful, versatile, [with] a mixture of Kim Burrell, The Clark Sisters with […]

Now you see him hustling and branching out throughout the Dallas region, steadily drumming up his audience, NowYouThuggin is more than a typical artist. With his self-proclaimed “revenue motivation” style, NowYouThuggin describes it as, “No matter what type of hustle you have to create some revenue for yourself, this is who my music caters to […]

What happens when the seemingly perfect world shatters into a million pieces? What happens when the marriage crumbles and the career teeters? What happens when the friends you love depart? What happens when the life you loved and protected so carefully is no more? Is it time to give up? Of course not, it’s time […]

Standing on his own two feet has been no easy feat and in fact, at one time, it seemed almost like grabbing a shooting star. However, best-selling author, Rodney C. Flowers, has proven that mind can overcome matter and dreams are nothing more than tasks to accomplish. In 1993, after an on-field, career-ending, debilitating injury […]

Author T.C. Writer may have used the title “I Hate Black Women,” but she actually wants fellow black women to gain insight from this book through her direct language and tough love approach. She hopes that as a black woman herself, they will want to “step back and evaluate their lives.” In this, she also […]

A book so controversial and hated that it’s demonized before most readers even pick it up to read the first sentence. A book so controversial and hated that there’s a petition circulating around the Internet to get it censored and remove it from such sites as Amazon. A book so controversial and hated that people […]

As a pastor’s daughter, there’s a lot of high expectations, while at the same time, a lot of temptations that often cause that very same pastor’s daughter to veer off course. Writer and motivational speaker Loureva Slade was no exception but decided to make it her life’s work to not only right herself, but enlighten […]

We would like to say thanks to Heart n Soul Mag as well as our booth partners from the Dallas Heart Walk this past weekend. There were thousands of people in attendance and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. As a matter of fact you can check out our pics from our live broadcast here and below […]

Despite getting signed to a major label and facing the pressures and demands of the music industry, Chanté Moore has always enjoyed singing about what she believes in which she credits to her growing up in the church and singing gospel. “It’s wonderful to sing what I believe. Gospel has kept me regimented about singing […]

While musing about appreciating the small things in life, award-winning singer and “R&B Diva” star Chanté Moore, was interrupted in the moment by witnessing not one, but two dolphins splashing in the ocean right in front of her eyes. “Life is all about the little joys in life,” Chanté explained. “It’s about family, friends and […]

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