#TellUsHowYouReallyFeel…Black Men Going To Brazil For Love

#TellUsHowYouReallyFeel…Black Men Going To Brazil For Love

Apparently there is such a shortage of good and drama free black women in the states that Black men are traveling (and some are even moving) to Brazil. I watched a recently released documentary about men purposely traveling  to Brazil to experience women who still have respect and appreciation for a man in a manner that they believe should come naturally. Highlighted in this segment were two women sharing their standards for a mate and their issues with men going to Brazil. It was interesting to hear both share their point of view on this subject, both made some really great points.

So to give you a short synopsis; the brothers expressed their issues with not being valued or appreciated for being a hardworking, realistic living, ordinary black man. Now, I state that not in a degrading manner, instead because of what has been given to them as the bar to reach. Such as making 75K to 6 figures, several degrees or at least a bachelor’s, having the ability to be the financial supporter for all the bills, seeing the woman as being equal, all the while him not receiving a meal when arriving home, lack of any concern about his day (because she had a long and busy day too), and putting in on the domestic requirements within the home. One brother stated that “the woman has forgotten her role and is now confused.” They went on to say; “the pool is low because of women taking on women. Materialistic; if a man is not in support of this a woman wants no parts of you.”

The women spoke candidly about their disapproval of the Black man leaving and looking to these women that “are paid” to treat them that way. They felt as if the black men are not even giving us as women a chance. “Should we settle for less or apologize for our success”, one sister asked. Now everything is a matter of perception and you may view it and hear something totally different. We are truly interested in hearing your thoughts. So go ahead and hit play and then leave a message below and be sure to tune into your favorite After Party and comment live.

Robyn L. E-Green