Tha Afterparty Radio is a premier, Internet-based radio station offering a wide variety of programs to more than 275,000 unique listeners world-wide.  

Our mission is to provide on-air, online and offline content to our listeners that can serve as a support system in bridging communities together globally though thought-provoking topics infused with music

Our listener-driven platform is fun, informative and inviting. Tuning in on-the-go is a breeze through our free mobile app available through iTunes and Google Play.

Headquartered in Downtown Dallas, Texas, our flagship South station boasts two distinct streams — A Side and B Side.  Our newest location in Los Angeles, CA, known as West is currently accepting applications for Hosts. 

On A Side, listeners can enjoy more family-friendly programming. With a strong focus on faith, community, soulful music and jazz-inspired selections, this is a great stream that offers easy listening for the whole family.

For more adult-oriented topics and conversations, hip-hop music and to just let loose, B Side offers gritty commentary to keep up with what’s new and trending in modern culture.

And with the recent addition of our new West location in California, Pacific coast hosts and artists now have a channel for creating and sharing their digital content, too!

West Side

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